Benchmark Partnership

The partnership enables Benchmark technicians to help their customers take soil, planting, application, and harvest data and easily uncover new, meaningful insights. It allows their customers to make better decisions regarding seed and fertilizer placement, two of the highest costs in raising a crop.  Benchmark is now using the GROWERS platform to create crop plans, build and edit variable rate planting and fertility prescriptions, as well as model the farm financials – all within minutes of sitting down with the farmer.

Finding ways to utilize the vast amount of data being generated on farms has been a widely discussed topic in recent years.  Farmers are facing more and more pressure from declining commodity prices, significant increases in production costs (i.e. seed, fertilizer, machinery, labor, etc.) and increased regulation.  The industry has viewed “ag data” as the key to helping farmers solve these difficult challenges.  Yet today, technology adoption in agriculture remains lower than expected, and farmers themselves are wary of new technological solutions that are often over-hyped and lack in execution and delivery.  “One of the primary reasons most farmers haven’t yet experienced the benefit of these new technologies is because they are rarely ever supported by true boots-on-the-ground personnel working with the farmer” says GROWERS founder and CEO, Steven Valencsin.  “We are very excited to be partnering with Benchmark Agriculture Solutions because they intimately understand this and are committed to providing industry leading precision agriculture services to their customers.”  Chuck Harris, Benchmark President/CEO says, “Utilizing the GROWERS platform enables our field technicians to spend more time in the field with the customer and less time in the office. We view this as a force multiplier for our company and are excited about the value this creates for our customers.”

About Benchmark Agriculture Solutions

Benchmark Agriculture Solutions was founded in 2017 as a division of Benchmark Tool & Supply (founded 2004) with the mission to provide precision GPS, Software and Control systems for seeding, planting, spraying, spreading as well as high accuracy, guidance and autosteering solutions to the Agriculture and Specialty Turf Markets. They also provide agronomic services and support to help maximize the efficiency and profitability of farmers’ operations. With four convenient retail showrooms and service centers in North Carolina and Virginia and dedicated sales and service support extending throughout the southeast to serve farmers, we’re a one-stop resource for all equipment, services and support needs. For more information, call 804-365-5144, email or visit


Headquartered in Raleigh, NC and Seattle, WA, GROWERS is a passion-driven company that aims to make precision agriculture data simple and usable, so farmers can grow their business and enjoy their work.  They provide a unique SaaS solution in the agriculture industry that enables agriculture service providers, agronomists, consultants and many others the technology needed to help run their businesses more efficiently and add more value to farmers.  For more information on GROWERS, please visit or follow them on Twitter @growers_.