You don't need data.
You need solutions.

Do you have pages of fancy maps, confusing charts, and no idea what’s working on your farm? That’s a sign you’re using software that provides information with no clear value. Growers helps farmers turn data into action, so they can lower costs, be more efficient, and make more money.


Using Data to Make Better Decisions


Are you drowning in so much information you can’t make a choice?

Wasting money because you’re relying on gut feelings instead of hard facts?

Tired of cumbersome technology that doesn’t seem to work together?

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"Growers has allowed us to concentrate on making every acre profitable."

Barrett Flowe Farms
Barrett Flowe

We can help

Get it all in one place

Gather your farm’s financial, agronomic, and machine data into one, easy-to-digest platform.

Reduce crop losses

Detect disease, weeds, and manage weather-related risks in the growing season.

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Make confident farming decisions

Get recommendations to increase efficiency, sustainability, and profitability.

Make technology work for you

Set up and troubleshoot your equipment, so it collects accurate, meaningful information.

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Decrease costs

In seconds, know precisely where and how much fertilizer to apply on every acre, so not one drop is wasted.

Get real answers

Know what worked, why it worked, and what to plant next year.

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What Makes Growers Different?

Let’s be real. You’ve tried every cotton-pickin’ type of data software out there, and they all seem to do the same thing -- give you pages of information and a headache. Here are 3 major ways we’re different from everyone else:

You deserve to
enjoy your legacy, not just survive it.

Call Us

Tell us about your goals and what you want to improve.

Design a plan

We outline a powerful strategy, tailored to every acre, with clear steps and seamless integration.

Grow your farm

Combining agronomy, your experience, and our actionable insights, we drive real results on your farm -- today and in the future.

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"Other companies are just a bunch of smoke and mirrors with pretty charts that never really mean anything, and the data isn’t right. Growers is the only one who has made data click."

Talley Farms
Paul Talley