Field Operations Engineer

Our Company and Culture: Growers is a precision agriculture and data analytics company, headquartered near Raleigh, NC. We help farmers across the country turn their farm data into recommendations that deliver higher yields, at lower cost, with fewer resources. Our culture thrives on innovation, responsibility, and service.

Position Summary: As the Field Operations Engineer, your role is to ensure the mechanical equipment used in Growers field operations is safe, capable, and cost-effective. This role includes equipment maintenance and repair, in-field troubleshooting, engineering design, process improvement, and inventory management.

Position Responsibilities: Your role as the Field Operations Engineer will require you to problem solve, thrive in a fast-paced environment, and grow your agricultural and machinery knowledge. On a typical day, the Field Operations Engineer might do the following:
● Perform and document routine maintenance on utility vehicles, pick-up trucks, or small engines.
● Analyze the performance/capacity of current equipment and recommend potential improvements.
● Design, source, and test potential equipment improvements
● Understand and ensure compliance for the rules and regulations related to commercial motor vehicles.
● Acquire/sell equipment as needed and work with others to ensure proper registration and insurance coverage.
● Work with colleagues or outside contractors to outfit new equipment and train them on its proper use.
● Deliver equipment to operators in the field; and assist the team in completing fieldwork.

Technical Skills: As the Field Operations Engineer you must understand the mechanics and engineering of the equipment and apply that knowledge to ensure that it is safe, capable, and cost-effective. You will be successful if you are proficient in the following:
● Troubleshooting mechanical issues over the phone and in the field.
● Designing and engineering new solutions to meet our unique needs/applications.
● Organizing and managing a fleet of equipment and operators within FMCSA regulations and budget guidelines.
● Reporting status and KPIs to the Field Operations Manager.

Behavioral Skills: The Field Operations Engineer needs to be detail oriented and maintain good records for equipment, registration, operators, and licensing. This role requires professional excellence because the equipment you maintain keeps field operations safe and productive, and the commercial motor vehicle regulations you support keeps the business in compliance. As such, you will be expected to:
● Adhere to a professional standard of quality in all processes and outcomes.
● Promptly complete tasks, communicate concisely with team members and remain frugal with expenditures.
● Perform tasks while being safe to yourself and to others.
● Be open to constructive feedback, with a resolute desire for professional and technical development.

Preferred Experience:
● 3+ years work experience in a similar equipment/machinery operation and maintenance role.
● 2 or 4-year degree in an agriculture or engineering-related discipline
● CAD design experience a plus
● Ability to drive a truck and trailer, CDL a plus
● Valid Driver’s License with clean driving record.
● Working knowledge of FMCSA commercial motor vehicle regulations.