Connecting the art of farming, with science and technology


In a 21st century digital world, the art of farming has been forgotten and is undervalued. Modern farming aims to replace the role of a farmer with a sophisticated model or algorithm. Not at Growers. Our mission is to help farmers take this art form and by connecting it to our science and technology, enable farmers to do more with less, run profitable businesses and secure their legacy.


  • Critical Nutrient Value
  • Grozone
  • Hybrid Rx
  • Side X Side

The Critical Nutrient Value (CNV) analysis helps farmers identify the exact amount of fertilizer that a soil and crop can sustain without compromising yield and ensuring not a drop of excessive fertilizer is applied. This process is beneficial to the environment as well as the farmer’s pocketbook. Growers has the ability to provide these recommendations for every macro and micro nutrient at a level of precision that ensures that every nutrient is perfectly optimized.

GROzone (Greatest Return Opportunity), the first commercially available way to leverage a farmer’s soil, operational, and financial data to rank soil productivity and risk. Once soil has been ranked 1-10 (1 being the best), Growers creates recommendations of seed, fertilizer, and water that can be used to increase your GROzone score. This process is used to make good data-driven financial and agronomic decisions.

Seed placement or Hybrid Rx fine tunes your variety selection and population decisions in each Unique Managed Area (UMA) to make sure you are creating the greatest return on your investment. Seed varieties have many different characteristics that thrive in particular soil zones. Discover the best variety and population for your fields, and create a proven and powerful Rx to execute on your farm.

The unique Side x Side trials allow farmers to identify specific yield drivers in every UMA (Unique Managed Area) of their field. These are test trials with purpose, encouraging exploration of products and techniques to learn what really moves the needle on their farm.


If you’ve been collecting farm data for years, then you understand the complexity of all the moving pieces. Growers has brought all the pieces together with Click. This software simplifies decision making for you and your trusted advisor allowing you to plan, run, and analyze every aspect of your operation.